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News 2018

Shrigley Old Boys Reunion 2019

Following on from the previous successful Reunions we invite you to book for the Shrigley Old Boys Reunion 2019 on 06 – 08 September

After several requests we are changing the weekend programme using the Hotel as the main venue and Savio House for the Sunday Mass.

(Fr Martin is agreeable to having Mass in the hall which is accessible for wheelchairs)


Friday 6 September
Arrive Shrigley/Church Inn
Drinks at the Poacher Inn Bollington after 7pm

Saturday 7 September
Programme for Sat am (to be arranged)
1230 hrs... lunch
1400 hrs... Tea/coffee in Brabazon suite
1430 hrs... Presentation programme
1630 hrs... Free
1800 hrs... Evening 3 course dinner
1930 hrs... Concert/social in Brabazon suite
2200 hrs... Goodnight
2215 hrs... Social cont/...

Sunday 8 September
0930hrs...Commemoration service in Shrigley cemetery
1015hrs... Commemoration service in Bollington cemetery
1100hrs...Mass at Savio followed by tea/coffee/pastries


Details of the Presentations and Meeting Agenda will be advised when confirmed in the New Year.
As there are bar facilities at Shrigley we will not need a ‘Drinks fund’ but are asking for the £5 voluntary contribution to Savio as they are not charging us for the use of the venue for Sunday Mass or the pastries and tea/coffee afterwards.
 (Please indicate if you are including this on the Booking Form)
We have negotiated reduced room rates at the Hotel with an alternative for accommodation, the Church House Inn in Bollington, again please book direct.
Arrivals can be on Fri evening or Sat morning
When booking direct for accommodation, ENSURE THAT YOU ADVISE THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING THE SHRIGLEY OLD BOYS REUNION 2019 and indicate on the booking form which hotel you will be using.
We will be using the bank account of the National Council of Salesian Past Pupils again. Grateful thanks to Pat Howe for arranging.  All cheques MUST be made payable to National Council of Salesian Past pupils (SOB)  and sent with the booking form to Bernard O’Neill, 60 Farley Copse, Binfield. Bracknell RG42 1PF. Direct bank transfers may be made to the same account at HSBC sort code 40-47-37; account no 61199331
BUT amount paid in must be advised on Booking form quoting ref: surname/sob19.
So as to assist with our cash flow (our balance of £20 from SOB 18), would appreciate FULL payment as soon as possible, either by cheque or direct payment, and indicate on the booking form.
Please advise if you are able to participate in the concert, see on booking form.
Michael McManus will be in touch with you to arrange.


News November 2018

Report on Reunion 2018

We arrived at Savio just before 6pm on Friday evening and joined twelve other SOBs and partners for an excellent buffet supper. Fr Martin, on duty since all the volunteers were attending the Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool, looked after us extremely well. Afterwards we went for drinks in “The Poachers” starting to re-establish the camaraderie of our Alma Mater.  Only Gerry Wright and myself were staying at Savio, all the other SOBs were staying at the Shrigley Hotel.
On Saturday morning, over twenty of us attended Mass celebrated by Fathers Michael Winstanley, Bob Coupe and Martin Coyle. As this was Our Lady’s Birthday, Fr Michael recalled Shrigley memories of the first major feast-day of the scholastic year and the importance that Our Lady has been and still is in the Salesian family. Gerry and Greg led with the hymns and after communion Gerry sang a North American Marian melody.

After Mass, we braved the rain and visited the Salesian graves in the local cemetery. Paddy O’Neill, who arranged and led the service, commented that five of the Salesians now buried here, had been with him and Greg Bell at Aberdour, including Bernard Parkes who started with us at Shrigley in1958.
Yes, this was the sixtieth anniversary of that year, 1958-1959 and four of us, Greg Bell, Keith Dransfield, Gerry Wright and myself were joined at the weekend by SDBs and Old Boys who were also at Shrigley in that year.

Lunch at Shrigley was next so we enjoyed pre-drinks in the Quad Bar. There were twenty-six for lunch:- Fr Michael Winstanley, Fr Robert Coupe, Bro Donald MacDonald, Bro Joe Adams and Clare Lewis, Manager of the Salesian Media Office were our Salesian guests, Madeleine Jarvis the sister of David Castle who started at Shrigley in 1958 but, unfortunately died in his late twenties, joined us, Patrick O’Neill, Keith & Virginia Dransfield, Gerry Wright, Joe Lomax, Paul Barnes, Michael McManus, Trish Duffy, Patrick & Norbert Gough, John Murphy, John Ballard, Michael & Silvia Mullan visiting from the USA, Terry & Emily Gorman, Greg Bell, Ken & Barbara Grieney and Bernard O’Neill.
During lunch, many of our Shrigley experiences were shared and relived, jogging memories that some of us had either forgotten or were in parts of our memory library not used for a while.

Coffee & Tea were served in the old kitchen, Bro Neil’s domain and Arthur’s in “Purgatory” on the spud peeler or drying up, now the Brabazon suite.
This was followed by presentations. Copies of ‘The Salesian Cemetery at Shrigley’ and the ‘Foundation Decade at Shrigley’ were on sale, kindly donated by Michael Kilduff and Peter Roebuck. Recent material from Don Bosco Publications was also on sale.
Bernard O’Neill stated that, with the £50 carried forward from the last Reunion and the add-ons to the costs, we will be able to cover all costs of SOB 18 but it had been very difficult to manage due to very late bookings and payments. This had led to an uncertainty of cancellation again (as in 2017) and if the consensus was to continue with an annual reunion, then earlier bookings with full payments would be required. As everyone agreed to continue he promised to draft a programme and distribute a booking form for SOB 2019 before end November.

Clare Lewis, then presented a twenty minute video of the Don Bosco play that was performed in the UK during the visit of Don Bosco’s relics
She gave us an insight of what, where and how the Salesian Media office contributed to the communications stream both internally within the Salesian family and externally to the rest of the world.

Bernard then presented a First Edition of the “Memories of Shrigley 1958-1959” book to all present. He stated that there was missing data, some other information needed updating and that a report from the Reunion will be added to the book to print a Second Edition towards the end of November. Bernard requested any comments or amendments be emailed to him before 30th October 2018.

Still in the pouring rain, we then visited the Shrigley cemetery and Joe Lomax led a service of commemoration for the Salesians and boys buried there. We specially remembered Damien Cocksey who died in the upper sixth study in 1958 and is buried here and also James Dinwiddie who also died in 1958 in Dunoon Scotland. Several memories of some of the Salesians buried here were then shared and we prayed for those whose ashes had been laid to rest in the cemetery. Included here were members of the Massey and Booth families, both great Shrigley Cooperators.
We left flowers on all the graves and at the Remembrance Cross. Madeleine Jarvis was particularly moved when she placed a flower there in remembrance of her brother, David.
John & Marie Burke and their daughter Anne-Marie joined us for this service and stayed for the supper and concert at Savio …great to see them.

And it was still raining.as we all jumped into cars and headed down to Savio for a very delightful supper. The cook and Fr Martin really exceeded themselves.
Then followed the event that Simon Cowell has been trying to acquire for years, the Shrigley Old Boys Annual Concert! The superb standard of music, song and poetry was a tribute to our Salesian tutors, spirit and love of Shrigley and Don Bosco.
This was Clare’s first experience of a SOB reunion and the camaraderie, love of Shrigley and Don Bosco shared by all the Old Boys.

At the Mass on Sunday, celebrated by Fr Martin, Rector of Savio, we learned that he was one of the last boys at Shrigley.
Clare sang a short version of the Shrigley Halleluia which she performed at the concert last night, written by Bernard O’Neill and adapted by Clare. See link to the Shrigley Halleluia.
After lunch at Savio we all departed on our journeys back, saying our goodbyes until the next SOB reunion on :- Fri 6th – Sun 8th September 2019.
Bernard O’Neill

Extracts from Feedback Messages
Thank you so much for everything on Saturday, especially all your kind and thoughtful words. I was, as you probably guessed, overwhelmed by the occasion and have tried to commit to memory all the faces and events. I enjoyed it all and was made to feel I belonged by everyone. I cannot explain what I was looking for, nor what I gained but whatever it was I seemed to find it in some way. I always have had a sense of David with me but now there is something more tangible in meeting the friends that were his. I wished I had stayed to the end when I got home  ..and to have thanked everyone, I think I missed some people, please will you thank them for me?
I hope there will be a “next time” and perhaps (my sister) Margaret will be able to meet you all
With much love,
Madeleine Jarvis

This weekend’s Reunion was a great success. Immediately everyone gelled and there was a very warm welcoming atmosphere which must have impressed John Murphy attending for the first time. The Savio staff were very willing to make us feel at home and the Shrigley people couldn’t do enough for us. They impressed us very much when we were informed that the new owner wants to bring as much information as possible of our old Shrigley into his hotel.  He has already put photographs  in the ambulacrum leading up to the steps up to the study hall and there is also another set of the house shields with these.  Some of the old desks have been resurrected and are in a room with an old cupboard. These can be seen on Facebook placed there by Clare from Don Bosco publications. A great thanks to all who attended.  It was a wonderful weekend.
 Joe Lomax

What a weekend! Had a great time with all of you. Many, many thanks for your hospitality.         Thanks again for having me - it was fab!
Clare Lewis
Social Media and Communications Manager

Just a note to thank you for organising the Old Boys weekend. I thought Saturday went so well. It became clear that your organising role had not been easy, but I hope that you felt that the difficulties and frustrations were worthwhile in the end product.
If you need to get in touch, you know where I am.

Michael T Winstanley SDB

Hope everyone has returned home safely. I did enjoy my Saturday afternoon visit - I felt I was among friends and was sorry I had to miss the rest of the weekend. Thank you for all the hard work in organising the reunion, I know it can be a thankless task. Once again thanks for all the hard work
Regards and best wishes
John Murphy

This is Anne-Marie, John Burke's daughter. Thank you for a lovely day on Saturday we all enjoyed it. Please use this email address for my Dad. We are hoping to get him set up with email again so if we do I'll let you know the details.
Thanks again,

Thanks for organising the Shrigley weekend, and the snapshot bulletin of Shrigley 60 years ago. It was a very pleasant and informative affair all round.
John Ballard

Thanks Bernie
An enjoyable weekend

What happened to…
The Large Bell outside the front of the Church?
The Angelus Bell in the Quad?
The large Crucifix above the main altar in the Church?

News  November 2017

John Azzopardi RIP

Joe Lomax received an e-mail from Lawrence Essery with this sad news

You probably didn't know John Azzopardi. He was  a few years younger than yours-truly at Shrigley (I believe) He died of a heart attack in Fatima on the feast of Don Rua, 29th October, and was buried yesterday here in Sliema, Malta. I would be glad of any info that you might be able to  find on John so that we can publish a note in our Maltese Delegation Newsletter, 'The Password'. Bro Joe Adams at Farnborough might be able to fill in  some details. I seem to remember him probably in Upper Elements or Grammar when we were in Rhetoric. He was for 10 years an SDB Brother and did some time here at St. Patrick's.
Best wishes from sunny Malta.
Laurence Essery


News  February 2017

Don Bosco Feastday - Scotland's Celebration

On Sunday 5th. February, 52 members of the Salesian Family gathered at St. Benedict's, Easterhouse to celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco. We were blessed with the presence of Fr. Michael Winstanley, Fr. Bob Coupe and Fr. Joe Brown who joined us from the Bolton community to concelebrate the Mass. Also with us  were 5 Salesian sisters based here in Glasgow.

The largest group of the Salesian family were the 26 Cooperators, who helped to make the day the best yet. We also had 18 Shrigley Old Boys, who when added to the rest of the family guaranteed a wonderful party of song and laughter, roll on next year. 
After Mass, there was an extensive buffet provided.

We were then entertained in song by a “DON BOSCO RAPPER” - from East Kilbride. She was brilliant. Don Bosco would have been proud. The socialising really started in earnest, enabling us to mingle and swap stories with the Salesians and co-operators and recall many happy memories.

With Paddy O'Neil up from London we were updated with news from England and the date of the next Shrigley Old Boys week-end - i.e.Fri/Sat/Sun the 8, 9, 10th. September

Greg Bell, John Clark, Michael Crossan, Terry and Sheena Devine, Joe and Tricia Doogan, Felix Gilfedder, Brendan and Rosemary Gill, Vincent Gill, Jim Hughes, Bill McEleny, Vincent Mochan, David Murphy, Paddy O'Neil, John Meehan and Tony Quinn.



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