Fr. George Gallagher

Fr Eddie O'Neill, Bro John O'Kane, Fr George Gallagher, Tom McCormick,
and...... Shep.

27 February 2007 Tom McCormick writes

We have just returned from a long holiday to see our son in Australia. So
had to use all of my leave. On the way back I arranged to go via Cape Town
where we visited the Community at the Institute and were shown the Salesain
work and the sights by Fr Eddie O'Neill who was in my year at Shrigley. It
was a wonderful ending to a fanatastic journey. The Salesians are still
doing some tremendous work in Cape Town. During our holiday we celebrated
our 30th wedding anniversary and Fr George Gallagher said some very nice
things to us before the community mass on Sunday.

Eddie had taken us to meet Fr George and Bro John O'Kane two days before. I
had not seen Fr George who was my Headmaster at Shrigley since 1965. He
recently celebrated his 80th birthday. He seems very healthy and fit and we
had a long discussion about the Shrigley old days. I had seen Bro John, who
also taught us, when he was home in Glasgow at Christmas and it was great
to see him in his real environment in South Africa along with his dog Shep.
Geraldine took a photo of the two former teachers with their former pupils
(plus the dog) as a fond reminder of our visit.
Apparently I am the first from Eddie's year to visit him in South Africa.
He is coming to see us and hopefully stay a few days with us in June/July
of this year. His brother Bernard stays only a few miles from us.