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Dear Shriglesians,
Here is another  FORM and FORM MASTER  to add to my APPEAL and CHALLENGE  to you to send us your  MEMORIES! 
You will recognize two famous stopping points along a route of THE  BUXTON WALK and I am supplying  NAMES  for  RHETORIC 1951-52.
Would anyone here listed - or indeed any Shrigley Pupils who know the Boys and Staff in these pictures -  be able and willing to send us in some reminiscences, for our SA ARCHIVES  and WEBSITE? 
The heading could be  "The Buxton Walk" - "My Form(s)" - "My Form Master(s)" -  "My Life at Shrigley" - "My Life After Shrigley" .....entirely your choice......
Greetings - and thanks - to you all!
Eric (for the SA Website)
No 1....  L to R -   Eric Darwell, Dennis Keegan, "Bill" Tracey, Joe "Taffy" Muruzzi, Joe Lomax, Peter Hull, John Aspinwall, Alan Burns, "Paddy" Heron, Bro Paul  Pisacane,   " "Joe" Maher, Ted Carless, Peter Quinn, Eric Baggaley, Felix Glowicki.

Buxton Walk
No. 2 ... A different line-up, with Bro. Sean O'Loughlin  replacing Bro. Paul Pisacane

Buxton Walk


I am adding  NAMES  to this 1949  UPPER ELEMENTS photograph -  as many as I can I recall.....Can anyone supply the missing names?
There remains also this "mystery" - Ted Carless was in this Form, but where is he?!?

 Upper Elements 1949 
(L to R)
BACK  -  "Joe" Maher, "Billy" Hart, Canice Dooley, Peter Hinchey, Brian King, "Barney" Bedford.
MIDDLE -  Eric Baggaley, "Paddy" Willis, (_______    ________?), Bro. Anthony Sutherland,  Eric Darwell, "Paddy"  Heron, Dennis Keegan.
FRONT -  Joe "Taffy" Muruzzi, ------? Enright, "Paddy" Kavanagh, .......? Keane, Martin Caine, John Cartwright.

In their recent tributes to Felix Glowicki SDB, both Mike Kilduff and Peter Roebuck expressed their admiration for him as their Form Master at Shrigley.

I am today launching a  NEW PAGE  on the Shrigley Website, inviting as many Shrigley Past Pupils as possible to send in memories of different Form Masters they knew.

If you have a photograph of your Form and Form Master, please let us have a copy - and NAMES if possible.

Here is a photograph from my album , showing  UPPER ELEMENTS 1949, with Brother Anthony Sutherland.


Would anyone from this Form like to take up the challenge and write some reminiscences?

Greetings - and thanks!

Eric (for the SA WebTeam)


Reminiscence of Form Masters at Shrigley
Fr Albert Carette
My only real Form Master during my early Shrigley days was a Brother Peter. I cannot for the moment remember his surname. He left the Society later on but he was an excellent one. His photo and form group can be found on this photograph which appears on page 125 of Shrigley 1929-2004.

Lower elements '32-'33
Top Left.........Brother Edward Clift Lower Elements
Top Right.......Brother George Bolger
Lower Left.....Brother John Ryan
Lower MIDDLE....Brother Peter? Form Master (left the Salesians)

Lower Elements 1932-33 – Albert is at the end of the second row

On this same photograph there is Brother John Ryan who later appeared at Beckford during my novitiate as Bursar. He made me mix oil paint with powder paint to obtain a different colour. Would you believe it! (Fr Albert is a supremely able artist, so knows about these things. Editor)
There was also Brother George Bolger, an enthusiastic hiker and walker, both activities providing a happy alternative to football. (Fr Albert is known for his lack of interest in playing football. Editor)
But the person I admired most was Brother Edward Clift, the man who built in his four years at Shrigley the magnificent rockery. He was a true artist and involved me in all his artistic endeavours in the chapel, on the stage, in his office. I learnt a great deal from him. He came down to my Clothing Day at Beckford and passed on to me his valuable stencil set which I still make use of. He went to Farnborough after Ordination as Bursar. Fr Harry Butters and I served on the altar at his Ordination as a priest in the Shrigley Chapel.


The Shrigley Rockery – a copy of a photo in the Salesian Archives
Fr Francis Gaffney was another brother whom I admired and eventually followed him as a parish priest in the Battersea Sacred Heart Church.
Shrigley in my earlier years saw the creation of the set of Theologians who later went to the new Theologate at Blaisdon.




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