Left Shrigley after O-levels in 1963: three teachers particularly influenced his future - Fr. Gibbons for Geography, Fr. Collette for English and Fr. Slack for French. After A-levels in De La Salle, Salford where he avoided Mr. Joe Lomax by taking "Arts" he went to Christ's College, Liverpool (now elevated to Hope University) taking Geography and Drama (vide supra "Gibbons" et "Collette"). More importantly, he met Virginia Gallagher, his future wife, who had not only had a lift home in Cliff Richard's car (from a cousin's birthday party) but had actually danced with Saint Bobby Moore at a Hammers dance in 1964. What a catch! No wonder he married her in 1970

On then to work at the London Oratory School for a little more than four years where he taught Geography and English and began a Geography degree at Birkbeck College then moving to Fairlop Girls' School before finishing at St. Austin's in Charlton as Head of Geography and (wait for it.......) HEAD OF FISHER HOUSE! What more could life offer?

In 1980 the family (including two boys, Damian and Mark) moved to Lismore, Co. Waterford as Virginia's mother retired to the cottage where they had spent summer holidays over the previous few years.

He then taught English and Geography (vide supra "Gibbons" et "Collette") and latterly ICT for 26 years. During this time two Irish children were born, Aisling and Daniel.

He is particularly proud of the contacts with France (vide supra "Slack") formed during the Twinning of Cappoquin and Chanat La Mouteyre in the Auvergne and the friendships made as part of European Projects before retiring in 2006 since when he has wasted his time running a small IT business which barely keeps him in pocket money and pays for his badly needed Golf lessons!

If you can stand it, more can be learned at the family website

Thanks to Ted Carless for the photo

Keith Dransfield
Keith Dransfield