This 12th Meeting, under Matters Arising from last year’s Minutes, discussed the question of the Association applying for charitable status.  Members were generally in favour and asked the Committee to look into the matter and formulate a recommendation for consideration in due course.

The Committee’s recommendation that Fr. Albert Carette SDB be re-appointed President of the Association was carried with acclaim, and the President was warmly congratulated on the Diamond Jubilee of his Ordination to the Priesthood.

Under the Secretary’s Report, which was received and accepted, it was announced that next year’s Don Bosco Mass in Glasgow would be held on Sunday 27 January 2008.  Following this year’s very successful gathering the Committee had written to our Scottish representatives suggesting the possibility of a two-day gathering to include not just a Mass and (as this year) a Committee Meeting, but also more extensive socialising.  Scottish members were to meet in August and a response was expected thereafter.

The Treasurer’s Accounts were received, and accepted subject to certain queries being followed up by Committee members.  The question of life membership of the Association (for an appropriate fee) was raised.  Members were generally in favour and the Committee was charged with formulating a recommendation for consideration in due course.

The next three items were those which the Committee had been charged last year with carrying forward.  Recommendations in the Archivist’s Report, together with a detailed statement of expenses, were endorsed.  A Catalogue of the Archive was available and could be accessed by members on application to M. Kilduff.  It was also reported that the Hotel had raised the possibility of the Shrigley House Shields being permanently displayed there.  Again, members were generally in favour and the Archivist was asked to follow up the matter and report back.  The Chairman then presented, on behalf of the Committee, a paper on Committee Membership and Roles.  This proposed a slightly expanded Committee, with new posts of Events Co-ordinator and Minutes Secretary (and IT/Website Co-ordinator), plus the possibility of two co-options.  The suggestion that we should also seek a slightly younger and more geographically dispersed Committee was also commended.  With this in mind the Meeting agreed that this year there should be nominations for posts and, in the event of competition, an election among members of the AGM.  Colleagues agreed that nominations for posts, together with an indication of the nominee’s acceptance of nomination, should be submitted by or before the end of August, and asked the current Chairman to receive them [at ’Rose End’, Somerset Mews, Coleraine, N. Ireland BT51 3LX], and to report back in September.  The final item at this juncture was consideration of a revised Constitution.  This was endorsed, subject to the realisation that further amendment would be necessary should the Association decide to apply for charitable status.

Keith Dransfield and Bernard O’Neil suggested that the Re-union of 2008 should be built around a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of 1958.  This was enthusiastically endorsed.  The Chairman undertook to explore dates for 2008 on the basis of a move to September (both to facilitate Scottish members and because most other members also felt that this was personally more convenient).  [These dates have now been arranged as 19-21 September 2008, with a combination of events at Savio House and Shrigley].

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