Were you at Shrigley in 1958? Did you arrive in September 1958? Were you on the staff or were you a pupil?

The photograph here is a Sodality photo with students of First and Second Year classes for the 1958-59 school year and we would love to see as many as possible of these together again at the Association Re-union in 2008. The outline timetable for the 2008 Reunion is now available HERE

A small group has begun trying to identify all the people in the photo but more are unidentified than can be named.
Fr. Bernard Parkes, Keith Dransfield, Bernard O'Neill and Joe Adams are members of the "1958 Fiftieth Re-union Group" and each appears on the photo. Can you spot them?

More importantly, can you spot yourself? If you know anyone on this photo we would love to hear from you. Are you the determinedly anonymous no. 56? Don't bother claiming to be no. 61.

Most important of all, will you come along to a Fiftieth Anniversary Re-union in 2008? Apart from Frs. Jerstice and Booth there are fifty eight people on this photo, could we recreate this photo fifty years after 1958? A slightly clearer photo is available here in a new window

The organising group would like to invite everyone who was at Shrigley in 1958 to the Association's annual re-union in 2008. Before then we hope to be able to name everyone in the group and to be able to contact them to issue a personal warm invitation to join us.
First & Second Years Shrigley1958-59

1 2 3 4 William McAreavey
5 6 7 8
9 Peter Baxter 10 William McElaney 11 12
13 14 15 Paul Pastore 16 Bernard O'Neill
17 18 19 John Lafferty 20
21 22 23 24
25 David Castle RIP 26 Paul Molyneux 27 Peter Law 28
29 Keith Dransfield 30 31 32 Gerald Wright
33 Peter Taylor 34 35 36
37 Pat Hannaway 38 39 40
41 42 43 Pat McGuiness 44 Joe Adams
45 Lawrence Birchall 46 47 Martin Shields 48 Joe Rielly
49 50 Denis O'Donnell 51 52 Bob Lomax
53 Fr. Brian Jerstice 54 Fr. John Booth 55 Pat Byrne 56
57 58 Maurice Gilmartin 59 Francis Clare 60 Bernard Parkes

Michael Kiely (1953-59) thinks he may be No1 and has a copy of the photo with the following information written on the reverse:
Saint Aloysius Sodality 1958-59
Catechist: Fr. Jerstice
Assistant: Fr. Booth
President: B. Lomax
Secretary: P. Byrne
Group Leaders: P. O'Connor, G. Dickox, M. Gilmartin.
Does any one else have a copy with even more info on the back?